About us

We are experts in architecture and development at all levels, from enterprise and solution architecture to hands on development


At Strategic 9, we are driven by a passion to apply modern thinking and select fit-for purpose technologies to maximise the benefit for our customers and help them in their digital journey.

We are experts in architecture and development at all levels, from enterprise and solution architecture to hands on development.

And of course, you can choose complete project deliveries as well as consultants tailored to your needs.


We have strong cohesion where innovative ideas are appreciated and encouraged. We are all happy to step up and take the technical discussion directly with the end customer to ensure the best results.

We actively encourage professional development to build a strong reputation. Paired with carefully selected assignments and a possibility for everyone to impact the company, we attract both the best people and the most interesting assignments.

In short; we are a true hero factory

What we do

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture is getting more and more important for organizations to achieve their business strategy and goals in an efficient way and aligning business and IT for business success. Our services within the enterprise architecture area covers opportunity, innovation and decision support, transformation & impact analysis, architecture design and governance provided either through directed consultancy services or through mentoring, coaching or guiding. We also help our customers to establish an enterprise architecture capability in the organization that generates real business value.

Solution Architecture

A solution architect has a good understanding of many technical aspects of the IT industry; a better understanding of business needs and strategies than a developer needs to have; excellent communication skills and often some project management and business analysis skills. It is essential for solution architects to keep their hands dirty with code and to stay sharp technically. Good ones do. 10 keywords to describe an solution architect: Inquire, Integrate, Analyze, Conceptualize, Abstract, Visualize, Formalize , Communicate, Enable and Assist.

Application Development

When it comes to Application Development or applied architecture as we like to call it, we have experience in a lot of various fields. Web applications, mobile applications and large enterprise systems are something we’ve delivered in the past and will keep delivering in the future. We love using the latest technologies best suitable for our clients. We can proudly call ourselves experts after years of experience in both creating and maintaining different applications and systems.

Technical Project Management

As Technical Project Managers we take responsibility for the project delivery and act as an interface with ability to communicate both technical and non-technical to stake holders and other contacts. We also take responsibility for technical problem solving, project planning and reporting and daily lead of the projects team.

IT Strategy

With broad experience from different industries in both private and public sectors, we help organizations ensuring that the IT investments and capabilities is creating real business value and are aligned with business strategy and vision. Our IT strategy method is always adapted fit for purpose to give a strategic guidance and prepare the organization for the future. Since we see the IT strategy as one important enabler for reaching business targets, we also provide guidance in strategy execution to enable expected outcomes.

In-house or On-site

We have a vast experience of both complete project deliveries as well as consultants tailored to your needs. So no matter if you want on-site consultants or complete project deliveries, Strategic 9 is equipped to support you.

And of course;  We provide more services so do not hesitate to contact us and find out more.

Who we are

  • Jonas Klintberg


  • Marcus Falk

    Senior solution Architect

  • Erik Bäckström

    Senior front-end developer

  • Mikael Knöös

    Senior full-stack developer

  • Tim Hansson

    Senior software developer

  • Kristoffer Skjutare

    Senior architect and developer

  • Daniel Allansson

    Senior project manager & scrum master

  • Joachim Kulla

    Senior software developer

  • Sara Seifi

    Front-end developer

  • Magnus Wihlborg

    Senior software developer

  • Shopey Mossavar-Rahmani

    Senior solution architect

  • David Aguilar

    Enterprise Architect

  • Staffan Svensson

    Junior full-stack developer

  • Aleksandar Cincarevic

    Junior front-end developer

  • Mathias Lindbro

    Founder & Sales

Where we are

Engelbrektsgatan 6, 211 33, Malmö | info@strategic9.se | +46 768 800 778